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ValOS Cryptographic Content Security project

ValOS (Valaa Open System) is a project pushing programming to become a civic skill. It’s a decentralized software development architecture that empowers beginners with little training or prior experience to create practical web applications. ValOS applications and data are created, stored and distributed as event streams. ValOS Gateway is a JavaScript library that acts like a browser: it connects to event streams, reduces them into applications and provides means to induce new events. ValOS Cryptographic Content Security project focuses on enhancing the infrastructure level security of ValOS through event log hash chaining, end-to-end encryption and other features.





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Internet technology is perceived as rather complex, more than is probably necessary. That is why people tend to let other people be in control of the technology they use, even though noone knows what they need better than they do themselves. While there are millions of professional and amateur developers capable of creating applications on the web, that leaves billions that cannot. There is no technology currently well suited to bring development to the average person in the street. ValOS (Valaa Open System) aims to simplifies software development and makes web apps inherently more secure by default with no or little effort from developer,.




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Country:  FI

NGI Project:  NGI0 PET

Keywords: H2020IdentityManagementProtocol

Status: Early research demo

Category: Decentralized solutions (including blockchain and distributed ledger technologies)Services and applications (for example email, instant messaging, video chat, collaboration, cloud storage)